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Your skipper is included with all the boats listed below. He has expert local knowledge and will make your charter day very special.

"Twilight" - Redbay 8.4m Rib Boat - £499 For 11 Guests

Solent rib boat hire on Twilight

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"Sunlight" - Redbay 6.5m Rib Boat - £475 For 7 Guests

Solent rib boat hire on Sunlight

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"Shamu" - Shark 7.7m Rib Boat - £449 For 5 Guests

Solent rib boat hire on Shamu

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"Magpie" - Ribcraft 5.8m Rib Boat - £299 For 4 Guests

Solent rib boat hire on Magpie

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"Bluebird" - Ribcraft 5.3m Rib Boat - £299 For 4 Guests

Solent rib boat hire on Twilight

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Solent Rib Charters - Full Details

A skipper is included with all Solent rib charters. We also always include the use of waterproof jackets and trousers in the cost of your charter day. A lifejacket is provided and must be worn at all times on our rib charter boats.

Solent Rib Boat Hire Terms & Conditions

All the vessels we use for charter have passed vigorous inspection by marine surveyors of either the NFDC or MCA. These vessels are maintained to & above the manufacturers guidelines and full documentation is kept to ensure that no element is overlooked.

Both safety equipment and other equipment on our vessels are maintained, checked and used in accordance with the manufacturers guidelines. Details of servicing, lifespan and replacement are kept in full. For example, life jackets, life rafts and flares are serviced yearly.

All our skippers are not only fully qualified under regulation and licensing by the NFDC & MCA but they are also fully experienced on the vessels and areas of charter. Many will have also completed extra qualifications that we Solent Charters deem necessary such as RYA Sea Survival, RYA First Aid, RYA VHF Radio & RYA Diesel Engine certificates.

All our charter vessels are individually covered by specialist marine insurance for loss, damage, 3rd party damage & 3rd person cover. This means all our passengers and guests are covered during the charter in full.

Many of our skippers also carry their own professional skippers insurance.

Alcoholic Supplies & Catering

Solent Charters is licensed by the New Forest District Council to sell alcohol for consumption on our charter vessels. We are also licensed to serve cold food such as a buffet. The quantities of alcohol supplied are at the discretion of the skipper in charge of any particular vessel.

Deposits & Bad Weather Guarantee

A deposit is only required when the details of your charter have been arranged and you are ready to book the agreed date of charter. At this point we will reserve the necessary vessels and skippers required to complete your charter. As these resources have been reserved for you a £200 deposit is required.

If a booking is cancelled by poor weather conditions then the customer will have the option of rescheduling the charter or receive a full refund. If the customer cancels the charter for a reason other than poor weather conditions and the day can not be chartered to a new customer we reserve the right to keep the deposit paid. If the cancelled date is chartered by a new customer then the initial deposit will be refunded. If a charter starts and is then stopped by poor weather a pro-rata refund will be issued based on the time point the charter stops.

In summary, Solent Charters will make every effort to refund any deposit paid if a charter is cancelled. Only when a loss is suffered by the company would a deposit not be refunded.


When all the details of your charter have been agreed then an email confirmation will be sent asking for a deposit payment. We accept payments via our secure Paypal system that accepts credit, debit and paypal transactions.

We also accept cheques made payable to "Solent Charters". Please allow time for cheque to clear before your charter date.

Accepted Payments