Solent Boat Training


D8.1 Certification available

RYA First Aid Certificate.

If Category C first aid kits have been covered in the course the instructor should sign the special section on the certificate (only required for commercial endorsements on RYA certificates).

D8.2 Minimum course duration

Eight hours

D8.3 Award criteria

Continual assessment during course

D8.4 Instructor qualification

RYA First Aid Instructor

D8.5 Student:instructor ratio

Maximum 12 students per course. 

D8.6 Course materials

On successful completion of a course the Recognised Training Centre must issue the student with the RYA First Aid certificate contained in the student pack (FAC/E-FAC) and keep a record of the certificate at the centre.

Each student must be in possession of the current edition of the RYA First Aid book.

Training aids:

Visual aids appropriate to the course should be provided along with materials such as handbooks, videos, animations and eBooks. Material to cover the use the the category C medical stores and the use of AEDs must be available. Instructors should also provide their own additional training aids.

D8.7 Equipment

Adequate dressings and bandages must be available for practical sessions.

Resuscitation manikin(s). The recommended ratio of resuscitation manikins to students is 1:4

A pocket mask must be available to illustrate their use in performing CPR.

RTCs are recommended to use a training AED during their courses.

Accepted Payments