Solent Boat Training


D5.1 Certification available

Day Skipper

D5.2 Minimum course duration

Day Skipper
40 hours’ teaching plus assessment papers and homework. Courses run over a series of short sessions must allow additional teaching time for recap and revision in each session.
Intensive courses: may be run as a 5 day intensive course. May be reduced to 4 days if delivered back-to-back with a 5 day practical course.

D5.3 Award criteria

Continual assessment during course plus completion of all questions in the Exercises and Course Information booklet and the assessment papers.

D5.4 Instructor qualifications

Course Qualification
Day Skipper and Coastal Skipper/Yachtmaster Offshore

RYA Shorebased Instructor for Navigation

RYA Yachtmaster Instructor qualified before 1 March 2019

D5.5 Student:instructor ratio

Classroom courses: No more than 12 students per class, with a maximum of three students to a computer at any time is permitted.

D5.6 Course materials

Students in the same classroom must each use an 'Exercises and Course Information' booklet of the same edition i.e. from the same year of release. 

The edition is indicated in the first part of the code found on the bottom right of the front cover (see image below). The numbers denote, in this order: edition (year current course material published) / year course material was updated / reprint run. 

In addition, all students in the same classroom must use ‘Assessment’ papers from the same year for example 2017/18/x.


On successful completion of a course the Recognised Training Centre (RTC) must issue the student with the appropriate certificate, record the certificate in the logbook and keep a record at the centre.

Course Compulsory Recommended
Day Skipper DSAP student pack - northern hemisphere, or
SDSAP student pack - southern hemisphere
(incorporates certificate, assessment papers, course notes and exercises, practice charts).
Each student must have access to:
TAN Training Almanac - northern hemisphere
TAS Training Almanac - southern hemisphere

The current course material is: 2015/20/x
Assessments: 2015/20/x
G158 Yachtmaster Scheme Syllabus and Logbook
G6 Navigation Handbook
G7 Navigation Exercises
NP5011 Symbols and Abbreviations
G133 Weather Handbook
G69 Passage Planning
PCPD Portland course plotter and divider kit
HP Handy plotter

Many of the publications and packs above are also available as eBooks. See the Recognised Training Centre Price List for details.

Training aids: 
Visual aids appropriate to the courses being offered should be provided along with materials such as handbooks, videos, animations and eBooks. Instructors should also provide their own additional training aids.

RTCs offering the Essential Navigation and Seamanship course online via the RYA Interactive site may add supplementary information to their site area but must ensure that it follows the RYA syllabus.

D5.7 Equipment

Suitably equipped classroom allowing students to do chart work simultaneously. Computer and/or audio visual facilities.

D5.8 Online courses

Prior to offering the Essential Navigation and Seamanship course online, the centre must first be an RTC for classroom-based shorebased courses.

It is recommended that the following teaching aids are available in classrooms in which Yachtmaster ocean courses are taught. The list will be reviewed in 2020 and some, or all, elements may be made compulsory:

  • At least one adjustable sextant per class
  • A selection of routing charts and charts using gnomonic projection
  • Relevant publications such as Ocean Passages of the World or Cornell's World Cruising Routes 
  • A globe
  • Plotting sheets

* Students starting courses after 20 December, using packs with the training chart plotter activation code must be informed by their RTC that the plotter is no longer available and be provided with the new supplements detailed in TG36-19.

Accepted Payments